80 Years of Educating!

Is there an era that speaks to you? Do you wish you could spend a day in that moment in time? Chances are we were there, and the best part is this: even then, we were teaching those vintage vixens what was the latest and hottest in everything beauty from cosmetology to esthetics. Ohio State School of Cosmetology and The Spa School is the one and only, long- lasting, locally owned and operated, expert beauty educator. As our student, you’ll become like family – a family with 80+ Years of deeply-rooted, yet ever-evolving, state of the art education. Be part of our legacy – we’ll help build your future, and our experience will become yours!

No Red Tape!

Ohio State School of Cosmetology and The Spa School have never been bogged down by corporate rules, regulations, quotas, or pipelined programs. We simply wouldn’t allow it, and neither should you. We don’t jump through anyone’s corporate hoops, allowing us to continually enhance and improve our programs. We move with the speed of the industry. Our decision-makers aren’t sitting in a boardroom in some far-off place; our decision-makers are there, in our schools, working hard and staying connected to the student and the industry.


Choose Ohio State School of Cosmetology and The Spa School for these unbeatable reasons:

  • 80+ Years of deep-rooted education.
  • No red tape!
  • No corporate rules, regulations, or pipelined programs.
  • Dedicated and loyal staff.
  • We change, upgrade, and evolve with the speed of the industry.
  • Reliable success and hands-on decision makers.
  • An ever-flowing supply of support, success, and industry experts filling your cup to the top!
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