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Chairman Emeritus

James M. Rogers

My dad used to say “son, you can learn from my mistakes”. Perhaps it’s our negative society, but why is there a word devoted to doing something wrong (mistake), and none for doing it right? Perhaps we should call that a “take”.

One of my best “takes” was deciding to be a cosmetologist. Clearly I recall the day I passed my Boards – with barely restrained joy I “took” that license and never looked back. Can’t say I started out being really good, but I was very enthusiastic.

Good came later – the result of my commitment to finish what I started. I thought I’d master cosmetology before moving on to something more challenging. But by that time I loved the industry too much to leave it, and I have never needed more challenge.

Early on, someone told me my license was a “passport to success”. I didn’t give it much thought at the time, but as I look back I realize they were right- literally! Not only has my cosmetology license made it possible for me to support a family of five in comfort and style, but I have also had the good fortune to truly “travel the globe” thanks to my wonderful profession. Now that is what you call a passport! That’s what I call a “take”.

My cosmetology “passport” enabled travel to practically every state in our great country as a cosmetology educator and past cosmetology accreditation commissioner, journeys to Mexico, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean for cosmetology-related workshops and conferences, and serving as a goodwill ambassador in Germany, China, Japan, Moscow, Paris and Hong Kong.

What’s in it for you? Depends on your next move! I can tell you this – my industry has never been more vibrant and filled with opportunity than it is this very day! Plus, all the places I have been are still there – the ultimate renewable resource – perhaps waiting for you! What a great profession! What a great possibility – “take” it!!!