You might be a future cosmetologist if…

You think it’s completely appropriate to wear glitter before noon.
You thrive on inspiring confidence and self-esteem in others.
You dream of having a fulfilling and fun career making people look and feel beautiful.
A career in the beauty industry makes the world more beautiful – AND makes your heart happy, too!
We are Salon Schools Group:
Ohio State Cosmetology, Nationwide Beauty Academy and The Spa School... you know us and we know beauty!

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The Salon Schools Group Cosmetology division offers full-service training. Throughout our program, you will…


Learn the latest trends in hair cuts, coloring and design for all


Master hair texture concepts for all types and styles of clients


Explore basic skin care and makeup services


Develop marketing and communication development skills


Have access to business coaching

1800 Hour Advanced Cosmetology Program

Our 1800 hour advanced cosmetology program is centered and designed around the entrepreneur spirit! After successful completion of our foundation courses, students are introduced to Advanced courses of creative hair, skin and nail concepts.

1500 Hour Basic Cosmetology Program

Our 1500 hour basic cosmetology program is designed to prepare students to THRIVE in the beauty industry! After successful completion of our foundation courses, students are introduced to more complex courses of creative hair, skin and nail concepts.

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1200 Hour Hair Designer Program

In this program, you will pursue the Hair Designer License. It is the same as the full cosmetology license, but does not include facial study, manicuring or pedicuring. The best part? It is only a 1200 hour curriculum.

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The Junior Program

The Junior Program is a two-pronged approach to cosmetology. First, we believe in theory. By gaining theory knowledge, you will develop your artistic eye, professional judgement and salon skills. Then, it’s time to put your skills to work. The hands-on training piece includes work with hair, color and top of the line tools. In our 80 years of beauty expertise, it has become clear to us that the most versatile professionals are those committed to theory and hands-on training. The Junior Cosmetology Program will empower you to be your best.

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The Senior Program

The Senior Program is dedicated to those who desire the utmost level of education and professionalism. This program includes training in:

  • Behind-the-chair skills
  • Classroom theory
  • Pop-up new, trendy concepts
  • Spa services
  • Manicures, pedicures and nail art
  • Beaut camp special topics
  • Organic chemical peel technique
  • Management and business training

The senior program allows you to become a complete cosmetologist, owning a diverse set of skills and experiences.

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Advanced Program

This set of courses sets us apart from any other beauty program. With specialized topics, such as henna tattooing, celebrity blowouts, corrective color, bold hair trends and chemical peels, you are sure to standout among the crowd.

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Healing Hands Oncology Education

Cosmetology students learn about and participate in our Healing Hands Oncology Education Program.

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Certification Options

We offer a variety of certification options at Salon Schools Group.

Enrolling in our cosmetology school is the first step to creating great hair; Beautiful and colorful, with a touch of your flair.