The following procedure is in effect for any person who is the recipient of, or who has witnessed, alleged acts of discrimination, violation of privacy or access rights, or other circumstances precipitating a specific complaint, and follows guidelines established by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences, 3015 Colvin Street, Alexandria, VA, 22314  (703)  600-7600.

  1.  The Administration of the school shall be notified, in writing, of the date, time, place and specific act alleged to have occurred. Such notice shall be submitted within 10 days of the alleged act.
  2.   A member of the Administrative Staff shall meet with the complainant within 10 calendar days from receipt of the written complaint.  This meeting will be for the purpose of gathering facts, evaluation and hopeful resolution of the complaint.  If the problem cannot be resolved, the complaint will be referred to the school’s complaint committee.  Written documentation of the above mentioned meeting shall be kept in the school’s complaint file with a copy provided to the complainant.
  3.  A Complaint Committee consisting of at least 3 staff members (a member of this committee may not   be a   respondent to the charge) shall meet within twenty-one (21) calendar days of receipt of the complaint to review allegations. If additional information is required from the complainant a written request for said information will be mailed.
  4.     If additional information is not needed the Complaint Committee shall act on the allegation and a decision shall be rendered, in writing, within fifteen (15) calendar days of the Complaint Committee meeting.  The decision shall state the steps taken to correct the problem or information to show that the allegation was not warranted or based on fact.  A copy of this decision shall be forwarded to the complainant.
  5. The responsible staff member for this procedure is: Mrs. Sabrina Walden, Vice-President of Administration, Administrative Office; 1720 E. Broad Street; Columbus, OH 43203.
  6.   All complainants are required to attempt resolution through the above process.
  7. Any individual has the right to file a complaint with the United States Department of Education for issues about financial aid, waste or abuse of federal funds, special education or civil rights violations.
  8. Any student has the right to file a complaint with the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology, 1929 Gateway Circle,   Grove City, OH 43123 or online at; alleging that the school has violated division (A) of section 4713.64 of the Revised Code.
  9. In the event any student has followed the above complaint procedure, but does not feel that an appropriate resolution of the complaint has ensued, such student may contact the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences, in writing to the address indicated above, to request an official complaint form from that organization.