About Team Wezlynn VanDyke Davis

wezlynn3-500x500_clipped_v4 Wezlynn VanDyke Davis, Director of Business Development
Director of Business Development

Wezlynn VanDyke Davis

Perky may be the first word that pops into your mind when you meet her, but there is much more to her than glitter and giggles. Meet Wezlynn Davis, Director of Business Development. Her history with Salon Schools Group started innocently enough – she thought she’d attend The Spa School to become an Esthetician. Soon after graduation she put on her white lab jacket, whipped out the beakers and developed her own customizable skin care line…Bing Bang Boom – here she is – owner of The Beauty Lab in Delaware, OH and working to spread the beauty love at Salon Schools Group! What CAN’T she do? We haven’t figured that out! She does it ALL – Product development, curriculum design, school admissions, Super Mom, Master of Skin Care…there’s more but we’re tired of typing.