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Built For You

We know that not everyone learns the same way!! We strive to create a cooperative, safe, supported and inspired learning environment at each of our locations. One way we do this is by using Pivot Points innovative learning system!! LAB allows you to take more control over your education.

We Get You Because We Are You

If you are going to take the time and expense to do this- why not do it right? We are a local institution started here in Central Ohio. This is where we developed our pride in knowing what it takes to make sure you get the best training possible to be the best YOU!

Experience is what sets us apart. Our teaching staff not only has experience through years of continuing education, working in salons, and owning salons but also truly care that our students succeed. Your experience will include skilled instructors, professional tools, professional products, busy “hands-on” clinics and gorgeous spa facilities.


"Run by students. They do a great job! Had a pedicure, manicure and facial."

Kay Bowen

"They were WONDERFUL took amazing care of me and my friend."

Amanda C.

"Got a perm today!! Absolutely love it and of course I am going back for my hair care."

Laurie Strike

"I am going to start night classes in March!!"

Teresa Myers McKeown

"Staff Friendly Prices Good Quality Care I Will Return Again"

Hailee Boyd

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