It’s your future; becoming a student-artist is within reach. Apply to Ohio State School of Cosmetology and The Spa School, where you can learn the best in salon skills from the professionals.

Picture your perfect career. If you are passionate about creativity, service, details and making others feel their best, cosmetology may be just your style. Look no further; superior education in the beauty field begins here. If you’ve ever had dreams of painting intricate nail art, coloring hair for an edgy new look, or giving a relaxing facial, you might be one of us.

Choosing where you pursue your future in beauty is a big deal! There are so many factors you should consider during this exciting time of your life. School location, class schedules, financial aid, payment plans, and quality of education are all important, and Ohio State School of Cosmetology and The Spa School offers top of the line solutions in all these areas. But, quality of education should be the most important factor to consider.

Once you meet with the admission staff and visit our schools, you’ll understand that the quality of the education you’ll receive at Ohio State School of Cosmetology and The Spa School far exceeds all others. Why? We take ownership of our business. We have been invested in this field since 1935. We provide your foundation in the form of experienced instructors, up-to-the-minute technology, beautiful and functional facilities, relevant instruction and internship opportunities at top salons. We are confident this formula will lead you to a fun and fulfilling career.

Over the years, we have developed close relationships with successful salon owners who want to hire our graduates because they know they will be getting the best in technique and creativity. We look forward to having you become one of our success stories. Check out the profiles from some of our Ohio State School of Cosmetology and The Spa School graduates.