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The Eye Finds Beauty Even When It’s Not Looking

Years ago, we decided to create a school that reflected our passion for all things beauty. At The Ohio State School of Cosmetology and The Spa School, we are experienced beauty professionals helping to create the future of our industry. We understand you because we are you. We’ve been clients, students, employees, independent contractors and have even owned salons. We strive to provide our students with the best possible experience for their journeys and we love seeing where those lead.

Becoming a beauty professional requires an investment of your time, energy and money. Therefore, you will want to select top-notch training. If you want to be the best (and why wouldn’t you?), then you will need a partner like The Ohio State School of Cosmetology and The Spa School.

Reasons To Choose Salon Schools Group

Industry Relevant Certifications
We don’t want our students to only pass their state board examination. We want them to be exposed to things that can ignite a passion they didn’t know was there and have the relevant training and certifications to be go be a successful beauty professional.


80+ Years of Education
As our student, you’ll become like family, a family with over 80 years of deeply rooted, yet ever-evolving, state of the art education from instructors who are invested in your growth.

The Advanced Program
This set of courses sets us apart from any other beauty program. Along with learning specialized techniques, you will also learn about business development in order to become an educated entrepreneur.


Professional Products
We want our students to become accustomed to the products they will be using when they work in professional salons and spas. That’s why we carry well respected brands such as Redken, Pulp Riot, Mizani, Pevonia and more.



The Pivot Point curriculum is one of the most highly esteemed learning programs in the beauty industry. It has been practiced for over 50 years and focuses on not only mastering the basics, but also keeping up with current trends. This ensures that our students are technically trained on the most up-to-date techniques and instills professionalism as well as innovation into our students’ education. Students who train under the Pivot Point LAB Curriculum are challenged to think outside of the box, setting them apart from their peers and preparing them for successful careers.

Along with the Pivot Point Curriculum, we blur the lines between learning and fun! Our programs are comprised of four key dimensions: education, customization, communication, and gamification. When it comes to education, our students are given the highest quality educational content and learning strategies. LAB is customized and tailored to fit each person’s needs and learning styles. We also encourage open lines of communication between students, their peers, and their instructors to aid in understanding lessons and enhancing creativity. And finally, in terms of gamification, we strive to make learning game-like and fun, celebrating all of your accomplishments along the way.

Overall, Pivot Point’s LAB is revolutionary in the beauty industry and is helping to mold talented future beauty professionals. This program helps students to engage in their learning community, enhances the overall personal experience, and helps to expand instructional opportunities. We are proud to offer the best quality education in the beauty industry, which is why we use Pivot Point.

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Call Ali at 614-499-7200 to dive into the beautiful world of Cosmetology!


"This is the only place I come to I love it!"

April Potts

"Great instructors always willing to help! Students are always friendly and have welcoming smiles!"

Libby Schindler

"The spa school is a great place to go and get services and support the learning environment."

Melissa Neal

"The ladies (students) at the Spa School in Graceland are amazing. I had a brand new person and she has never done layers and she did a wonderful job. Her name is Tory!!"

Tammy Merriner-Baker

"Got a perm today!! Absolutely love it and of course I am going back for my hair care."

Laurie Strike