Years ago, we decided to create a school that reflected our passion for beauty. At Ohio State School of Cosmetology and The Spa School, we are experienced beauty professionals creating professional beauty experts. We understand you because we are you. We have been students. We have been employees. We have owned salons for years. We have even been clients.

Becoming a beauty professional requires an investment of your time and money. Therefore, you will want to select top-notch training. If you want to be the best (and why wouldn’t you?), then you will need a partner like Ohio State School of Cosmetology and The Spa School.

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To provide training that is complete, relevant and inspiring for careers that make people look and feel better is as noble an endeavor as is the work for which the training is intended.

What we strive for.


It is our goal to provide the theoretical education, practical training, attitude, modeling and counseling necessary to inspire and enable each student to satisfactorily complete their course of training, pass the required State examination and secure entry-level employment in a cosmetology related field. We also strive to provide, by example, the leadership and encouragement to motivate students to establish higher goals of personal achievement and to advance beyond the basic requirements.

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Our Team

Experience is what sets us apart from all others…

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James M. Rogers

Chairman Emeritus

My dad used to say “son, you can learn from my mistakes”. Perhaps it’s our negative society, but why is there a word devoted to doing something wrong (mistake), and none for doing it right? Perhaps we should call that a “take”.

One of my best “takes” was deciding to be a cosmetologist. Clearly I recall the day I passed my Boards – with barely restrained joy I “took” that license and never looked back. Can’t say I started out being really good, but I was very enthusiastic.

Good came later – the result of my commitment to finish what I started. I thought I’d master cosmetology before moving on to something more challenging. But by that time I loved the industry too much to leave it, and I have never needed more challenge.

Early on, someone told me my license was a “passport to success”. I didn’t give it much thought at the time, but as I look back I realize they were right- literally! Not only has my cosmetology license made it possible for me to support a family of five in comfort and style, but I have also had the good fortune to truly “travel the globe” thanks to my wonderful profession. Now that is what you call a passport! That’s what I call a “take”.

My cosmetology “passport” enabled travel to practically every state in our great country as a cosmetology educator and past cosmetology accreditation commissioner, journeys to Mexico, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean for cosmetology-related workshops and conferences, and serving as a goodwill ambassador in Germany, China, Japan, Moscow, Paris and Hong Kong.

What’s in it for you? Depends on your next move! I can tell you this – my industry has never been more vibrant and filled with opportunity than it is this very day! Plus, all the places I have been are still there – the ultimate renewable resource – perhaps waiting for you! What a great profession! What a great possibility – “take” it!!!

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Sue Moore

President Emeritus

Our educational philosophy is complete cosmetology……a well-trained graduate qualified to proudly call themselves a Cosmetologist. Not just a hair cutter. Not a product salesperson. A cosmetologist! Salon Schools Group graduates are professional makeup artists, independent salon owners, teachers…real industry leaders. Some own chic destination spas where offering a fantastic pedicure is just as important as offering a fantastic hair style.

Salon Schools Group offers an education led by dedicated, trained teachers in facilities that are not only functional and state-of-the-art, but beautiful as well. Our schools reflect our philosophy of providing complete cosmetology – featuring a full line of traditional hair services and products as well as pampering spa services that include spa manicures, spa pedicures and full body exfoliations.

Success as a cosmetologist requires versatility. The many hair and skin care products our students use prepare them for any salon. Because we know hair fashions frequently change, we change products frequently. The more exposure a student has to a variety of products, the more confident they will be making the transition from student to professional.

Thank you for exploring the exciting opportunities that Salon Schools Group offers, and congratulations on choosing a wonderful career path! It’s a path I’ve never regretted taking –

join me!

Sue Carter Moore
President Emeritus

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Luke Hanks


Hello, my name is Luke Hanks, President of the Ohio State Schools of Cosmetology, Nationwide Beauty Academy, The Spa School, and The Hair Experts Barber School. I appreciate you taking the time to read about me and my vision for the future of the schools.

I came to the organization in 2008 and have very much enjoyed getting to the know the industry and the people that make it what it is today. With a background in finance and business, the cosmetology and barber industries have been quite a shift for me, but a shift that I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to embrace.

In addition to my position within the organization, I was appointed by Governor John Kasich to the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology in 2013 for a term that continues through 2017. This has been a remarkable experience and has broadened my perspective and knowledge in ways I couldn’t have anticipated.

Much of my time to date has been focused on facilities and technology updates, making sure that we are keeping pace with the world around us. Couple that with learning and navigating the requirements of our regulatory bodies (State Board, NACCAS, US Department of Education) and it has kept me very, very busy!

While those efforts are never ending, I have also begun to hone in on what I consider the most important component in all that we do. Our people! I am thoroughly committed to making sure we remain the best and the way we will accomplish that is by finding, hiring, and developing the best cosmetology, esthetic, manicuring, and barber educators the industries have to offer.

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Cheryl Halblaub

Vice-President, Student Aid

When nature calls, she answers! Wait, that doesn’t sound right…she LOVES nature! Give her a body of water and she’ll swim it; a plot of land and she’ll camp it; a furry friend, she’ll pet it.

Give her a student with a financial aid problem and she’ll solve it! At Salon Schools Group she’s our Vice-President, Student Aid.

Her extensive background in Federal Financial Aid programs and legislation makes her an invaluable asset to our staff and, especially, our students. In addition to her work family, Cheryl enjoys a loving family full of children and grandchildren. Bonus? She’s super sweet!

sabrina3 About

Sabrina Walden

Vice-President, Administration

Know anyone who has a pet hedgehog, much less two hedgehogs? Then meet Sabrina Walden, “mommy” of Murff and Cutie, also mother of one human. Sabrina will be involved in every aspect in your term as a student as she assists other staff members in making your education relevant, fun and hassle free!

While grounded firmly in reality (mostly) she enjoys other-worldly pursuits through MARCON (Multiple Alternate Reality Convention) – with Steam Punk being her favorite alternate genre and Sci Fi being her favorite reading material. (Werewolf? There wolfe!)

Reasons to Choose Salon Schools

The Healing Hands Power of Touch program is lovingly designed to provide respite for cancer patients, cancer survivors and the caregivers who lighten their burden.

Ohio State School of Cosmetology and The Spa School students will receive an in depth peel solutions training on products formulated without toxic fillers, chemicals, petrochemicals, and parabens.

As our student, you’ll become like family – a family with 80+ Years of deeply-rooted, yet ever-evolving, state of the art education.

This set of courses sets us apart from any other beauty program. With specialized topics, such as henna tattooing, celebrity blowouts, corrective color, bold hair trends and chemical peels.

Why students love it here.


“I learned so much here. I enjoyed my training & meeting wonderful people.”

Valerie Anderson

Loved it! Downtown location was the best! Barber school was below! Have the Best Instructors & great group of friends!...”

Susan Groscost

“This is a really nice place to get a good haircut for cheap. You can give a really great tip and it's still very, very affordable. The students do a really precise & excellent job under the supervision of their instructor. ”

Katie Riedinger

“"Really enjoyed my experience at OSSC Westerville. Couldn't be any happier."”

Whittney Bailey
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The Pivot Curriculum is one of the most highly esteemed learning programs in cosmetology. It has been practiced for over 50 years and focuses on not only mastering the basics, but also keeping up with current trends in the cosmetic industry. This ensures that our students are technically trained on the most up-to-date techniques in the beauty industry. Pivot Point focuses on instilling professionalism as well as innovation into our students’ education. It is comprised of six modules: cosmetology fundamentals, sculpture, hair design, color, texture, salon success, and meta. Students who train under the Pivot Point Curriculum are challenged to think outside of the box, setting them apart from their peers and preparing them for successful careers.

With the Pivot Point Curriculum, we blur the lines between learning and fun! The program is comprised of four key dimensions: education, customization, communication, and gamification. When it comes to education, our students are given the highest quality educational content and learning strategies. The program is customized for each student and tailored to fit each person’s needs and learning styles. We also encourage open lines of communication between students, their peers, and their instructors to aid in understanding lessons and enhancing creativity. And finally, in terms of gamification, we strive to make learning game-like and fun, celebrating all of your accomplishments along the way.

Overall, Pivot Point’s Lab is revolutionary in the beauty industry and is helping to mold talented future beauty professionals. This program helps students to engage in their learning community, enhances the overall personal experience, and helps to expand instructional opportunities. We are proud to offer the best quality education in the beauty industry, which is why we use the Pivot Point curriculum.