You are imaginative.
You are energetic.
You are an artist!
You are a cosmetologist!

Program Overview

The Junior Program

Ohio State School of Cosmetology and The Spa School Junior Program gives you the theory and hands on practice to develop your professional skill sets that are bursting to be unleashed!

Your first steps toward your fashion-forward career will be filled with professional development and the education needed to take your inner vision for glamour and share it with the world!

How? It’s simple; knowledge is power! Theory and the understanding of the science behind cosmetology will catapult your journey to becoming a licensed professional!

  • Theory develops your artistic eye.
  • Theory develops your professional judgment.
  • Theory develops your salon skills.

When you are in training to be a cosmetologist, we believe you must get your hands dirty … in the name of beauty, that is! The hands-on training you experience in the junior program empowers you to put your newfound knowledge to work!

  • You get your hands on hair!
  • You get your hands on color!
  • Yoμ get your hands on top of the line tools!

Ohio State School of Cosmetology and The Spa School’s 80+ years of beauty expertise and education develops the most versatile licensed professionals in Ohio!

  • We are committed to theory.
  • We are committed to hands-on training.
  • We are committed empowering you to be the best.

It all starts here! Choose your Junior Program start date! We have lots!

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