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Learn More Than Just Hair

In our 1500-hour Basic Cosmetology program, students will learn about beauty techniques that cover hair and more for a more complete understanding of the beauty industry. This course is for students who want to develop their skills as a cosmetologist and learn other skills that they may need in their future career. In this course students will learn techniques in hair, skin, nails, and more!

What Do Students Learn in This Program

This program begins by teaching students the basics of hair techniques that are covered in our Hair Designer program. Skills like color techniques, infection control, and hair sculpting are just some of the techniques that help our students gain a complete knowledge in hair basics. Just like our Hair Designer program, students in this course will also learn about the business management side of beauty. We do this so our students can feel prepared to pursue whatever they want after graduation.

After completing the hair designer section of our program, students can then develop their cosmetology skills further by learning about other beauty techniques. Manicuring and pedicuring, spa body techniques, and individual eyelashes are just some techniques that are covered in this program. Covering skills in hair, skin, and nails in this program helps our students gain a more complete foundation in the world of cosmetology!

Gain Practical Experience

We want our students to leave our program feeling prepared for a future career in cosmetology. That’s why our students will be able to gain practical experience with real guests. Students can practice their skills under the direct supervision of licensed professionals. This is a great opportunity for students to develop their cosmetology techniques and get advice from experts while doing it!

Start Your Future in Beauty With Us

If you want to have a well-rounded education in beauty, then our Basic Cosmetology program could be right for you. Contact us to learn more about our program or find out how you can get started in your beauty education. We look forward to hearing from you!

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