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May 3, 2019

A Designer’s Approach: Education Delivered Through LAB

Cosmetology Education at its Finest

Cosmetology online learning just got better. You will be learning from A Designer’s Approach, an educational program designed to provide you with the skills you need to enter the beauty industry successfully. This comprehensive system will help you see, think, create and adapt as a hair designer.

A Designer’s Approach consists of six core disciplines: Cosmetology Fundamentals, Sculpture, Hair Design, Color, Texture and Salon Success, all delivered in easily digestible units of information so you can build from basic to more intermediate knowledge and skill levels. The entire library is designed to deliver licensure-based education as well as salon-relevant training for your future success in the salon.

Education Built for You: The Connected Learner

You are part of a new generation not defined by age. You want your information fast, you want to co-create education, and you learn best through collaborative efforts within a community. The LAB allows you to take more control over your education.

Not All Online Learning Platforms are Created Equal!

You have never seen anything like LAB before. It’s easy to use and contains all the features necessary to capture your attention, inspire creativity and allow you to share your experiences with your peers.

Your education is delivered through an innovative online learning environment designed specifically for the beauty industry—the only one of its kind! This exciting industry is social and visual—and so are you—and we’ve designed it to reflect that, and be made yours. LAB is not just another cookie-cutter learning management system, like so many others. This robust, multi-faceted system approaches learning through four key dimensions—educational content, customization, communication and gamification—will help you get the best beauty education there is out there today.

Show the World Who You Are

Personalize your profile to let others know who you are, what inspires you and show off all your work.

Become Part of a Community

You’ll have access to your classmates, and so much more; you’ll be in touch with everyone who is connected to your organization. Network, share and inspire!

Not Connected? No Problem

Study anytime, anywhere! Our downloadable ebooks and study guide don’t need an Internet connection for you to access (once downloaded), and they’re at no additional cost to you!

Organized Learning, Bit by Bit

Lessons have been carefully segmented into smaller sections to provide you with the most pertinent information necessary, when you need it. Whether you’re in the classroom, or somewhere else brushing up on your skills, you can access videos, eBooks, study tools, interactive activities, collaborative peer-driven exercises and fun, engaging assignments.


Like to show off? Well, you can in LAB! You will get points for almost every action you take. Login, get a point, finish a lesson, get lots of points; the top five in your community are showcased on the leaderboard on the homepage for all to see.

Ready, Set, Test

Okay, so now you’ve completed all your lessons, gained tons of practice on the clinic floor and are almost ready for that licensure test, we’ve got you covered with Exam Ace in LAB. Exam Ace provides you with lots of tests to get you ready to take your exam. Take ‘em as many times as you want, no need to download apps or go elsewhere!

Experience for yourself how fun and engaging learning can be.

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