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April 23, 2020

How You Can Stay Healthy as a Beauty Professional

Everyone knows that keeping up good hygiene practices is important for your health. Now as we continue to get daily information on the COVID-19 outbreak, there’s never been a bigger push for us to do all we can to make sure we stay healthy. Sure, you’ve heard to scrub countertops and wipe down door knobs but have you ever thought about how to best clean your beauty space?

For beauty professionals who touch their supplies daily, you can’t forget to sanitize your supplies and station. Don’t worry because we go through it all right here! Here’s everything you need to know about properly cleaning your beauty space.

Sanitize Your Makeup

We’ve all heard from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that we shouldn’t touch our faces. But what does that mean for our makeup supplies? After all, if you don’t want to touch your face with unwashed hands, then you definitely don’t want to do it with dirty makeup brushes.

different types of makeup

If you’re surprised that makeup brushes need to be cleaned at all, it might be time to throw out your supply and start from the beginning. With all the use they get, brushes should be tossed out around two to three months and they should be washed at least every seven to ten days. Thankfully, giving them a good cleaning is a super simple process. Just squeeze out a drop of soap and massage the bristles with your hands while rinsing them out with warm water. After that, just let them dry on the edge of the counter so they keep that rounded shape. That’s all it takes!

Want more information on sanitizing your makeup? Here are some of our pro tips!

    • Wash your hands before applying and handling your makeup!
    • Never share your makeup products with anyone.
    • Use sanitizing sprays for your bronzer, blush, and powder eyeshadow.
    • Throw out powder and pencil makeup after two years and liquid ones after six to twelve months.
    • Wipe down your makeup bag with an antibacterial wipe.

    Take Time to Clean What You Normally Don’t

    We know that if you’re a beauty professional or even just someone with a passion for it, you probably have a wide variety of beauty tools. That means it’s likely that many of them haven’t had a proper cleaning lately or maybe at all. It happens to the best of us but it’s important that you learn now how to move forward with a good routine. Here’s all the things you should be cleaning regularly but probably don’t.

    Heat-Styling Tools

    Have you ever wondered about those black marks on your curling irons, straighteners, or other tools? Those are a build up of hair products that are caused by not cleaning these tools. No one wants that constantly touching their hair! Avoid those nasty marks by unplugging your tools and wiping them down with a cotton ball that’s been soaked in rubbing alcohol. Your favorite wand will look good as new! We can’t emphasize this enough, don’t do this while your tools are hot!

    Combs and Brushes

    We’ve all been guilty of letting our combs and brushes get tangled with more hair strands than we’re comfortable with. Well, not anymore! Try to spend a few minutes at least once a week to remove hair that gets stuck and even wash the bristles afterwards with soap and water.

    variety of beauty tools

    Tools Used Near Your Face

    It’s especially important that you clean tools that are coming into close contact with sensitive areas on your face. Just think about how close your eyelash curlers are to your eyes! You definitely want to make sure those are washed along with other tools like tweezers. Like your brushes, all you need to do is give it a good scrubbing with soap and water!

    Sanitize Your Beauty Station

    If you’re a beauty professional and you’re seeing multiple clients each day, it’s even more important that you’re following all these steps. You should be going beyond your supplies and cleaning everything around you like your salon chair, countertop, and the sink where you wash clients’ hair. All this will make a huge difference in preventing the spread of germs from client to client!

    Want to Learn More?

    We hope that you’re all staying safe by practicing good cleaning techniques like these! Contact us if you’re ready to learn more about how you can properly clean your beauty space or what this time means for your future education. We’re always happy to help you with your beauty goals!

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