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September 9, 2022

The Best 2022 Makeup Trends

As the 90s are making a huge comeback this year, there are so many fun and gorgeous makeup trends you absolutely don’t want to miss out on! From faux freckles to lots of glitter, there are so many trends you have to try this year! This year is all about getting creative and having more fun with your makeup routine. Now is the time to try something new! Check out a few of the best 2022 makeup trends that are currently trending all over social media!

Glitter It Up!

Everyone needs a little more sparkle in their life! You really can’t go wrong with glitter and where you apply it. Whether you are looking to add more of a glow to your eyes, lips, or cheeks glitter is the way to go! Take advantage of this fun makeup trend and be sure to add lots of glitter to your makeup kit this year. Also, add some glitter to your hairstyle for a Friday night out with friends. 

The Best 2022 Makeup Trends

Faux Freckles

To all those who were blessed with freckles, it’s time to embrace what you were born with and be proud of your natural beauty. Freckles are trending more than ever, and for those who don’t have freckles, there are ways so you don’t have to miss out on the popular 2022 trend. Whether you decide to use henna or brown eyeliner, be sure to add a few freckles to the bridge of your nose for a more natural look. Online tutorials are also a great way to learn how to get started and so you have a better idea on how to make your faux freckles look more natural.

The Best 2022 Makeup Trends

Laminated Eyebrows

The fluffier and thicker your eyebrows are the better! This trend is used to draw more attention to the eyes and add a bit more definition to the brows. Visit your local esthetician to laminate your brows or if you are looking for a more budget friendly approach, then try the soap brows hack. Another option is to comb your brows up with eyebrow gel or clear mascara. 

The Best 2022 Makeup Trends

Minimalist Wing and White Eyeliner

Let’s face it, winged eyeliner hasn’t always been the easiest to apply. It can take several attempts before mastering that perfect look. This year everyone seems to be getting more creative with their eyeliner. So if you are someone who doesn’t have the best of luck when it comes to the cat-eye, we have a solution for you! The minimalist wing is a lot more simple. Rather than wings, try to draw a small triangle on the outer corners. 

Are you getting tired of black eyeliner? Try something different. There are a variety of colors you can choose from, but there is one that has been standing out more this year. Lately, we have noticed a lot of white around the eyes and especially in the inner corners of the eyes. Change up your style with this simple trick!

The Best 2022 Makeup Trends

Bold Blush

We are all for that natural look, but who said you can’t add more drama to your blush? Dramatic blush is all over TikTok these days and a trend you are definitely going to want to try this year. Try out different shades and experiment looks that draw more attention to those cheekbones. Don’t blend in the color too much!

The Best 2022 Makeup Trends

Can’t Forget Those Lips!

This year lip stains, gloss, and bold colors are more popular than ever! Adding some extra love to your lips is a perfect combination that goes with those bold cheeks. Don’t forget to finish this look off with some lip liner which can add more of an ombré look. A lip pencil that is two shades darker than your lipstick should do just the trick!

The Best 2022 Makeup Trends

Add Variety to Your Eyeshadow

If you really want to get more creative with your makeup routine, then add a two-toned look to your eyeshadow. Play it up with different shades and colors. Have fun with your eyeshadow palette and experiment with different looks.

The Best 2022 Makeup Trends

Forget the Rules

The nineties were all about bold looks and lots of color. Now that we are seeing more of that in 2022, it’s your time to try something new and express your creativity. When it comes to makeup, breaking the rules is way more fun! Try something you have never tried before. 

The Best 2022 Makeup Trends

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